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时间: 2013-11-29

The Storage Area Network (referred to as SAN) of data center usually adopts Fiber Channel (FC) technology, connect storage arrays and server host via FC switches and establish the area network dedicated for data storage. 


After ten years of development, SAN has already been quite mature and become the defacto standard in the industry. As a high-speed network interconnection technology (the common running rates include 2Gbps, 4Gbps, 8Gbps, 14Gbps and 28Gbps), Fiber Channel (FC) is mainly used for connecting the storage device in data center, but it has become a common connection type in enterprise-class storage SAN. 


Meanwhile, being independent of data network, SAN network is actually a private network independent of TCP/IP network for storage, so the access speed is very quick. In addition, SAN generally adopts high-end RAID array, and make the performance of SAN taking the leading position in several professional storage schemes.

Solution for Storage Area Network (SAN)

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