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时间: 2013-11-29

After over 40 years’ development, Ethernet has achieved the goals that its creator want to. Just like its name, Ether, Ethernet exists everywhere, becoming the ubiquitous media in the information society.


These years, with the rapid development of Internet, cloud computing and cloud data, the construction of IT infrastructure data center is promoted fast. In the Ethernet of data center, a new upgrading is also prepared, in which 25G Ethernet is very popular.


Below are the changes on the ports of data center device.

Interconnection Solutions About Next 25GE Data Center-Chapter1

For the needs of Ethernet, it’s mainly out of considerations for energy-saving and cost. Fields related to the development of data center, includes cloud and Leaf/Spine matrix type network structure. With the further improvement of server performance and the upgrading of data center from leaf-to-spine connection to 100Gbps, the upgrading of server from 10Gbps to 25Gbps/50Gbps is with more practical significance, Because 10G Ethernet usually can’t meet the needs, and the 100G is too expensive. While the birth of 25G and 50G Ethernet rightly makes up for the shortages of them. In addition, the channel tech of 25Gbps and 50Gbps will be the basis of 100Gbps(four 25Gbps) and 400Gbps(eight 50Gbps) Ethernet in the future. So companies in this field hope to use the transmission rate of 25G to replace 10Gbps’s


Compared with 40GE,25GE has strength in cost for its single channel. While 40G needs multi-channel due to its use of 10G tech. For 25G Ethernet, its essential advantages are that many parts have been developed earlier, because 100G is the combination of four 25Gbps. Therefore, their components can be produced volumely to lead to the falling of cost. By the SFP connector with 4 channels(QSFP), 100G can be divided into four 25Gbps, and 40G is also able to be divided into four 10G. So multi-speed Ethernet products are developed and applied. 

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